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Gabby Westbrook-Patrick by Darren McDonald for Sunday Style Australia (7 July 2013).


Convent of Sinners (Joe D’Amato, 1986)
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Convent of Sinners (Joe D’Amato, 1986)

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Liza Feurtado

Workin’ on Honey Girl ~*~

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"Our first gig, we didn’t have a name yet. We had been putting on lipstick and blowing kisses on paper and we said ‘KISS! That’s the name, KISS!’ We had no idea there was already a band"

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Driven By the Music is set to release 7 classic Donna Summer albums on the 1st December 2014; ‘The Wanderer’, ‘Donna Summer’, ‘Cats Without Claws’, ‘All Systems Go’, ‘Another Place And Time’, ‘Mistaken Identity’ and ‘I’m A Rainbow’. Each will be given the deluxe treatment and released as expanded re-mastered CDs, heavyweight vinyl and limited edition CD and LP Vinyl box sets.

The CD re-issues are packaged in sumptuous case-bound books, containing the original full album credits and acknowledgements, the lyrics, as included in the original Geffen and Atlantic LP Records and newly authored liner notes by noted US writers Christian John Wikane and Justin ‘Musicology’ Kantor. Also contains brand new collaborators interviews, as well as extracts from archive interviews with Donna Summer by Christian John Wikane.

The 7 albums will also be made available on heavyweight vinyl, including ‘I’m A Rainbow’ which finally receives its long-overdue debut Vinyl LP release, as a 2LP Gatefold album.


10k w0w//

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